Travel Medications


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Travel Medications

At Total Occupational Medicine, we offer travel-related and routine vaccinations to keep you healthy no matter where you are going. Completion of a brief health history and details about your travel and activity plans will allow us to minimize your risk. Vaccine recommendations are dependent on your destination(s), accommodations, age, activities, health and vaccine history, budget and level of risk you are comfortable with. Educational information and recommendations will also be provided to help prevent insect-borne illnesses. To prevent gastrointestinal disorders from ruining your trip, we offer education and advice on food and beverage precautions.

Available vaccines include:

We are an official Yellow Fever Vaccination Center; we will provide the immunization and the required documentation.

We provide up-to-date travel information and immunization recommendations based on your destination and planned activities, to help you make an educated decision. The patient will ultimately decide which vaccines or medications he or she is comfortable taking. It should, however, be noted that International Health Regulations require the yellow fever vaccination for travel to certain countries in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009).